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Above The Salt is a food concept and content provider located in the Junction neighbourhood of Toronto, Canada. We are one professional photographer teamed with several experienced stylists. The common thread is our love of food. We don't just style and shoot it, we live it through constant exploration. We regularly explore markets, restaurants and producers in search of new and tasty things. Food is our passion, our pastime, our pleasure, and our joy. It is this enthusiasm that makes our work stand out, and which will in turn make your product shine.


We are your one stop shop for food photography : pre/post production, prop rental, hand models, photography and stop motion. We don't just make things look good, we also offer unique recipe development specializing in gluten free and vegan recipes.


We are 20 year veterans in the business, winning advertising awards and working with clients from small start ups to the big brands. Our photographer won a Canadian cooking contest at age 12, and that was well before reality television! We started in this business shooting on film... remember Polariods- the longest 2 minutes of your life!

During these Covid-19 times, we have made the appropriate changes to keep everyone safe. We are set up to provide a live digital feed of the shoot so you can experience the production from the comfort of your home. We ask that you give a bit more lead time for us to prepare for the shoot, as we arrange for grocery and prop delivery. 


MOBILE » +1 416 722 2575


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